Recommendations to improve Metro Louisville paddling opportunities and water quality in our local streams and rivers.

Ohio River

Continue developing the Louisville Community Boat House

Develop the Islands of the Ohio River as Parkland

Ohio River recommendation – green roof memo – Final[1]

Expand Education and Outreach for Storm Water Management

Floyds Fork

Floyds Fork – Clean Sweep involving university students

Canoe Safety Patrol

Impervious surfaces in floyds Fork

Beargrass Creek

Vehicle Impoundment Lot – understanding the problem and short term fixes

Three ways to improve Beargrass Creek

Salt River

Fort Knox Decision memo

Regatta Center Decision memo

Trail Town Decision memo

Harrods Creek

Harrods Creek – asking universities to investigate duckweed as a fuel or food source

Harrods Creek – building a boat ramp under the new bridge

Who developed the above recommendations?

The above recommendations were crafted and formated the following U of L honors students in a semester long seminar entitled “Exploring the Waterways of Jefferson County.   In preparation to develop their recommendations to enhance paddlesport opportunities and the water quality of Metro Louisville streams, they participated in 6 full days of field study in canoe or kayaks, completed EPA’s watershed academy, read river books from around the world, and met with community leaders and local paddlesport enthusiasts.   The 15 students and their majors follows:

Wesley Abrams


Melissa Barrett


Eleanor Castro


Paul Gong


Janna Lynn Imel


Erica James


Justin Jatczak


Joe LaCasse


Valerie Magnuson

liberal arts

Rima Patel

Chemical Engineering

Lori Plasky

Criminal Justice

Douglas Saforo


Adria Schwarber

Chemistry and Political Science

Jonathan Sevy


Vanessa States

Biology (BS)

 Dr. David Wicks was the instructor for the course.   He can be reached at

These recommendations were provided to Mayor Fischer, Metro Council, the Blueways Recreation task force and the Vision Louisville Initiative.   For more information on either the Task Force or the Vision Louisville Initiative conact Tommy Clark in Mayor’s Office.

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